Benefits of Working With a Freelance Web Developer

I was reading an article the other day about the benefits of working with a full-service marketing agency. It raised a couple of good points, but being a freelancer I wanted to put a few points together on the benefits of working with a freelancer... after all, there are many!

Let's begin with the most obvious...


Freelancers will likely always be cheaper than a digital agency. Cheaper certainly doesn't mean 'not as good' though! We don't have high office overheads, or other staff to pay which means we can generally charge a lot less and offer better value for money overall.


We're usually pretty reactive to requirements. If you need something done quickly, a freelancer is much more likely to be able to jump on to a task promptly, compared to an agency where it may have to go through a number of people before being assigned studio time.

Work quality

All freelancers should strive to do the best they can. With no agency name to fall back on, you'll often find we'll go above and beyond to ensure the client is totally happy with the end product. A recommendation can go a very long way... good or bad.

We also generally love what we do, and this is reflected in the quality of work produced. A lot of people decide to go freelance because of their passion, and because of the ability to work on projects where a real difference can be made.


The ability to bring on a freelancer only when you need them is another great benefit. Whether it's developing a brand new website or just adding a new section to your existing, you can often tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience exactly when you need it. You don't necessarily have to bring on a new member of staff to fill a temporary gap in requirements.


The freelancer industry is thriving, especially locally in Bournemouth. It's likely that whatever you need doing, there's a number of talented freelancers on your doorstep!

I'd always suggest doing a bit of homework first. Definitely check out those reviews (Google My Business listings are a great place to start) and only proceed with a freelancer if you feel they can offer exactly what you're looking for.

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