Quality Freelance Wordpress Development in Bournemouth.

I’m a freelance web developer with over 15 years experience. I work with start-ups, SME’s and large businesses providing creative digital solutions.

About Me

I started out originally as a php developer at a digital agency in Bournemouth. Over the years I was lucky enough to work with clients at each end of the scale. From new businesses taking their first steps, to multi-national brands requiring complex ecommerce solutions.

After 7 years, and having worked up to a project manager role, I decided to go it alone!

Since then, I've built up a number of successful partnerships with local and national clients. Working on simple Wordpress sites, email campaigns and custom built CRM platforms.

I'm passionate about what I do, and that shows in the work I produce, and the relationships I've fostered. Some of my longest standing clients have been with me since the beginning!

When I'm not beavering away on my latest project, I can be found walking my dog along the beach or madly running after my daughter as she shoots off on her scooter!!

My Web Development Toolkit

As a dedicated freelance developer, I harness a range of cutting-edge technologies and tools to bring robust, innovative solutions to life. My expertise spans across WordPress and Laravel for versatile web development, complemented by PHP for backend excellence and Vue.js for dynamic front-end interactivity.

My development toolkit is equipped with industry standards like GitHub for version control and collaborative coding, and Figma for intuitive and collaborative UI/UX design. This blend of technologies and tools enables me to deliver high-quality, scalable, and user-centric digital experiences.

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Making a start

As an experienced freelance web developer, I have accumulated extensive experience in providing versatile digital solutions to various clients, ranging from independent businesses to full service digital agencies.

Freelance Web Development
For Agencies

Either as part of your internal team, or independently for one-off projects, I can provide extra development support where it’s most needed.

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Freelance Web Development
For Clients

Working directly with clients to achieve their digital goals. From simple website troubleshooting, to more custom WordPress development projects.

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