I’m a developer, designer, explainer, coder, geek…

I am an experienced developer with a passion for coding and design. With over a decade of industry experience, I’m just as inspired to learn and deliver my best work as when I began. I have worked agency-side and on a freelance basis for high-end clients, and on a broad range of projects.

Deep down, I am a self confessed geek. I love learning about new technologies and becoming absorbed by projects. I manage deadlines and my workload independently, or I can slot into an existing team according to requirements. I am not a hands off type of freelancer, and will be directly involved to provide genuine insight and effective solutions.

Experienced Freelance Web Developer

I started as a PHP developer in a digital agency, before moving into senior roles and eventually going freelance. Agency work has its advantages for sure, but it does not necessarily provide the same flexibility and accountability on a personal level. Agencies can be a little bit like assembly lines, where work comes in and out with little customisation or the same degree of care. I manage projects reliably, and work hard to understand my clients’ businesses and what they are trying to achieve. This ultimately saves on cost and gives the best results.

I have strong agency connections from my time working with other teams, and have gained a lot from the experience. However, being freelance has really tested my skills, and encouraged me to adapt and grow. I love building anything from WordPress websites to custom web apps. I regularly have the opportunity to immerse myself in diverse projects, bringing them to fruition with genuine skill and enthusiasm.

A Reliable Partnership

What works for one client does not necessarily work for another. Part of my job is to build relationships with key decision makers, to understand and facilitate different ways of working. This readily becomes a partnership. You can pick up the phone to me and expect an honest opinion, from an experienced perspective. My clients tell me this one of the things they value the most.

Other advantages of this type of partnership include direct responsibility and accountability. I work on each project as if it is my own, and ultimately the outcome is on my shoulders – not dissolved under a faceless brand. My long-term clients trust in me to deliver on time and to specification.