Front End Development

Though sometimes overlooked, I can’t stress the impact that a poorly constructed front end can have on your website. This can often directly result in frustrated visitors and missed sale opportunities.

Front end development is often a big part of the WordPress projects I work on. Many times in the past, I have inherited sites that have been poorly coded which has caused a bad experience for both users, and content editors.

Taking the time to write scalable and efficient code results in a better performing website.

Search Optimised

Ensuring code is structured correctly can provide you with a slight boost to search performance. Marking up key content with the relevant tags can help to ensure search engines like Google understand your content. There’s no point in having your key search terms hidden away in a block of text.

Device Optimised

Ensuring your site looks great on any device is key – from mobile’s, all the way up to TV’s. Taking a mobile first approach ensures that anyone using your site has a great experience.

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