Wordpress Troubleshooting

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Wordpress is a fantastic platform, and can be a dream... when everything is working as it should! If you're in desperate need of someone to help resolve your Wordpress issues, call me on 01202 901329 or email me here, or read on to see how I can help you.

Troublesome Wordpress Updates

Lets think up the worst scenario here... you have a corporate Wordpress site, with 30+ plugins, that hasn't been updated for over 18 months! You could be brave and hit that 'update all' button - but that's not going to be hugely comfortable ride!

I joke, but I've seen this scenario more times than I'd like. The best approach here is usually to clone the site and take a methodical approach to the updates. This way you can ensure that your production site continues to work without downtime.

Contact me if you are looking for support with keeping Wordpress up to date!

Poor Performance

Working on Wordpress as much as I do, I know how great it can be when everything has been optimised properly. This usually starts at the theme level, whilst ensuring there isn't heavy reliance on plugins, and of course decent hosting.

Wordpress can very quickly slow down. New features are added to legacy code, new plugins are added (sometimes multiple plugins doing the same thing)

Plugin Issues

Plugins are a fantastic way to extend Wordpress functionality. They can also be pretty awful to be honest. There's no limit to how many you can install, which can definitely lead to problems! Sometimes plugins are no longer developed. You can end up relying on very old, insecure code if you're not careful. And although rare, updates can just sometimes fail!

If you find yourself facing any of these problems, please reach out and we'll be able to get you back up and running as quickly as possible!

Wordpress Support When You Need It

Like any piece of software, Wordpress can go wrong. Having said that, there are very few issues that can't be resolved (please make sure you have decent backups in place)!

Whether you need urgent help with your Wordpress site, or you're looking for a long term partner to manage maintenance, please give me a call on 01202 901329. If i'm unable to answer, drop me a message and I'll get back to you within the hour.

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