I’m a developer, designer, explainer, coder, geek… with a passion to learn, and produce the best work I can for the clients that I work with.

Dan Temple - Freelance Web Developer

Web developer

I started out as a php developer over 9 years ago, working for a local digital marketing agency in Bournemouth. Over the next few years, I moved into senior development roles and finally programme management before deciding to do my own thing and go freelance.

It was during this time that I was lucky enough to work with a number of exciting clients, including VW, Oracle and Dominos. There was plenty of opportunity to learn new skills and try out new technologies.

Freelance developer

Going freelance has allowed me to work on projects that I may not have had the chance to whilst agency side, and as well as building up a number of strong connections with new clients and other digital agencies, it has also allowed me to learn new skills and try new techniques.

I love building things, whether it’s simple brochure websites or completely custom applications, I bring the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm to each project - always taking the time to understand the requirements, to ensure that what is created - completely fits the bill.


I work hard to build up great, productive relationships with all my clients, and because of this - I have become a trusted development partner for a number of digital agencies across the UK.