Owned by Will Nicholls, a professional wildlife photographer, Nature TTL is an essential, educational resource to nature photographers. It pulls together tutorials, inspiration, equipment reviews and post production advice from an expert team of contributors, whilst showcasing a stunning array of wildlife photography.

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The Brief

Originally, Will was on the lookout for someone to help maintain his existing site. It was using a pre-built WordPress theme and had over 30 plugins in use. With more than 30,000 visits each month, he was running into major performance issues.

I worked with Will to improve the existing website, and make performance changes to the server to ensure it could cope with the heavy traffic. During this time, planning was going on for a new version of the blog that would still use WordPress, but would be far better optimised and have less of a reliance on plugins.

New Site Development

Will was keen to use an American design agency to produce the designs for the new site, as they had worked with a number of similar sites within his industry. We worked together to create a brief ensuring the new site would meet all his requirements.

PSD visuals were supplied, which i developed into a custom WordPress theme. To ensure the site could handle the increasing amount of traffic, we used a number of different caching techniques and integrated with Amazon Cloudfront, to ensure assets would load quickly as this is a photography heavy site!

I continue to work with Will making continual improvements and ensuring the site and plugins are kept up to date.