Another week working under socially distant conditions. It has all become pretty normal now – which is quite scary really! Hopefully We’ll be able to look back on this in a year, when life will hopefully be back to what it was, pre Corona!

This week was mostly spent making frontend changes to a custom Php CMS. The plan is to reskin the frontend, and just tidy up the back end where necessary. It’s running reasonably old code (cakePhp) but does what it needs to do!

I’ve also been working on a new WordPress website for a software company based in Dorset. Visuals were signed off late last week, and I’ve started front end work on the templates. Hoping most of the development can be completed across the next week or so.


Asides from working, there has also been regular dog walks! Bournemouth Bay is currently playing host to a number of cruise ships… I guess with the World how it is, they don’t really have anywhere else to go!

Bournemouth Bay playing host to cruise ships

Desk Woes

As I’m working from home more, I’ve come to the uncomfortable conclusion that my current desk just won’t cut it any more. It’s a little too small, and also a little too low, which is causing a bit of shoulder pain. I finally bit the bullet, and purchased an Autonomous sit/stand desk, which I’m hoping will alleviate the RSI, and reduce the amount of sitting I do!

Learning Points

This week, I was able to spend a bit of time learning about Alpine JS and what it could bring to future projects. Since getting to grips with VueJS over the past 6 months or so, I’ve been really keen to expand my knowledge of other useful javascript framworks, and I’m excited to give Alpine a go on a future project.

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