According to the Office for National Statistics, in April 2020 almost half of people in employment in the UK did at least some work from home. Overnight, for many people, coronavirus changed everything. Unless that is, like me, you’ve spent the majority of your working life as a freelance wordpress developer honig the exact set of skills you need to not only survive a socially distant life of isolation, but to thrive on it!

I imagine for many the prospect of wearing pyjamas at 3pm, upgrading their line manager for their pet dog and ditching the office commute was a dream come true. Fast forward almost 6 months though, and for those yet to return to the office, has the novelty worn off? Because all joking aside, working from home, or living at work as I prefer to call it, comes with a very unique set of challenges. It’s certainly not for everyone.

Take this morning for example. Everything started well enough until the 9.30am phone call from my mother to ask what I was up to. ‘Work mum, it’s a Wednesday. So for the umpteenth time, no, I can’t just pop over and find out how you’ve locked yourself out of MY Netflix account. Again.’ How they think I earn a living is beyond me. 

After a blissfully uninterrupted hour, my subsequent zoom call was disturbed no less than three times by a flurry of delivery drivers, all of whom seem to have earmarked me as a local sorting office now we’re out of lockdown and the neighbours cannot be counted on to be at home 24/7. There are some perks to this however. I’m currently holding a rather nice looking set of port glasses that if no-one collects within my 30 day personally agreed contract, will be excellent at Christmas. 

Next, having failed to win my attention with a fox, a duck and a reindeer, all by the way with strategically removed squeakers (examples of past attempts to enhance my professionalism whilst on the phone to clients) the office manager has finally given up his quest and curled up innocently on his bed. That was until a few moments ago, without warning, he got up looking behind him in utter disgust and left. There are no words for the smell that lingers, apart from no matter what you think Brian from accounts is capable of, I’m telling you that it doesn’t even come close. And so that is why, at 11.30 I’m raiding the fridge for the first of what will be three lunches. A regular habit that requires a very expensive peloton subscription to counteract.  

So, you can see how after an afternoon of playing catch up, when 5.30 eventually comes around and many are leaving the office with thoughts of a socially distanced drink with friends, I collect up my laptop and head downstairs to bin off my planned evening of gaming in order to continue living at work as a freelance wordpress developer. And you want to know the crazy thing? I wouldn’t want it any other way! 

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